I have just returned home from an unexpected overseas trip, but I was lucky to have a short stop over at my old home at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club.

By some sort of serendipitous magic, the Rowing Captain’s Dinner* was taking place and the assorted Captains were making a special presentation to a noted member of the club and the founding President of the Hong Kong China Rowing Association (HK Amateur Rowing Association when originally founded).

Bob Wilson has recently retired after almost 30 years leading the Association. He had also been both Rowing Captain and Commodore at RHKYC. He was presented with a trophy oar that had been painted six months ago, but that was unable to be presented due to his retirement travel schedule.



In the Main Bar with some Captains (L-R): Mark Welles, Bob Wilson, Mark Reynolds, David Sorton, Patrik Talas, Ng Kong Wan (current Captain)


The presentation took place in the Main Bar prior to the dinner, where I was lucky to meet with the group.

The blade has the original and current logos for the Association, as well as a short message of thanks to Bob for his many years of service to rowing in Hong Kong.


*Is it the Captain’s Dinner or the Captains’ Dinner?
This all depends on which year it is. In the first year of being the Rowing Captain, the dinner is hosted by the past-Captains and is known as the Captains’ Dinner. In the following year when the current Captain is officially the host, it is the Captain’s Dinner. If you mix it up be prepared for a telling off and an expensive round of drinks…