While my business looks to preserve, illuminate, and display rowing oars from over the many ages of boat racing, what fate befalls the old boats themselves?

Sadly, most boats are simply broken up once their useful life has ended. If a boat was a particularly successful one you might see a bow preserved high on the wall of a club. Some boats have met with a fiery end at a traditional ‘boat burning’ event – lots of fun but rather tough on the boat!

Luckily, there are some other ways for old boats to live on…

Rob Thompson is a designer who has worked in many diverse areas from film special effects to motorsport. He now designs and creates wonderful bespoke furniture from his workshop in Somerset.

He has a history of rowing (Kingston) and has turned this into a way to preserve parts of the wonderful wooden boats that still survive.


Coffee table made from a section of a racing boat

From coffee tables to clever trophy cabinets – he can create something to suit your needs and the available sections of boat.

Rob has also worked directly in partnership with rowing clubs to create items for sale from their boats. The many unique items can become wonderful trophies, keepsakes, or fundraising/auction items for a club.

If you have an old boat that you can’t keep, yet can’t face destroying, then contact Rob to see if he can help make it live on in a wonderful new way.


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