I have just received an update from an old work colleague for whom I painted a blade at Christmas. She was going to give it to her parents to hang in the house. As is always the case, it takes longer to hang these things than you hope, but it is now enjoying pride of place in a home in Germany.


The artwork is a construction of my friend and not a real coat of arms. Each of the key components does, however, represent something important. The two supporters and shield represent the areas of Germany where the parents grew up and where the family now lives.

As for the text:

Familie ist wo das Leben seinen
Anfang nimmt und die Liebe niemals endet!

– it translates roughly as;

Family is where life is beginning and love never ends!



My friend is also now turning her own hand to painting trophy oars. Using a damaged blade from her club she has created this quite handy first effort. Very soon I think that German rowers will have someone more local to call!