Although I’m playing catch up on the blogging side of things, there have been a few jobs completed and delivered in recent months.

A couple of these have employed a simple new – and rather discreet – mounting method.

Both oars are mounted high on plain surfaces. Many of my other mounting methods using timber plates with brass hooks and so on would have looked quite distracting on these modern clear spaces. The mounts used here are almost invisible unless you get right up close below the oar and look up. You can just see the shadow of one mount in the left hand image.

Although there are slight differences between these two examples (round shaft on the carbon oar vs flat on the back of the timber), the overall result is the same. Small timber blocks act as a stand-off from the wall for a nice visual line and to prevent the collar hitting the wall. The block then has a slotted mirror plate fitted. With two mounts fitted a set distance apart, it is quite easy to put two appropriately secured screws into the wall for fitting.

Both clients very pleased with their oars and with how they are neatly displayed.