I’ve been busy with a lot of different things in recent months. Here’s a few pictures to show you some of the work.

I was loaned the original Row Zambezi blade (done by another artist) in order to create two new blades. The first difficult task was to match the paint colours, but as you can see my regular paint shop came up trumps!

The final paint job on the blades came up very well (as did the matching mounts for all three) and there is a very long and amusing story about the presentation!

Another job was a pair of oars for someone. The Union Jack is always a challenge, but so too is duplicating an existing oar. The client had borrowed his friend’s university blade and I provided a near millimetre perfect copy.

And to prove that I’ve got rocks in my head, here are the painted rocks I did for my own garden – at the request of my wife and another one of the keen resident gardeners. (The garden is shared – it’s a 75 apartment building).